The Polish Klan Association arose primarily from the heart. For many years, we have been working on aid for Poles living in the UK. Many people who benefited from our help years ago are still with us today – helping others. The Polish Klan Association is a community which is open to everyone. Our mission is not limited to providing assistance, we wish to be part of the Polish community in London, and therefore we are uniting Poles living on islands under the Polish Klan Association. We are non-profit organisation, all the donations, and also income earned during the events, we give to those who need such assistance most. 



Sometimes, seemingly, simple things can literally overwhelm, especially if we don’t know English. In the Polish Klan Association, we are helping to solve many problems – especially those who need it most, often without knowing it. The Polish Klan will help to get a place at the hotel, food for the homeless, and all the things where we need the help of a person communicating in English. If you are aware of the cases that need assistance, we are very much asking you to inform us – it is up to you how many people we need to reach. We also invite volunteers who like us want to do well to join us.


Who like who, but the Polish community knows exactly how to have fun. The Polish Klan Association provides great fun in discoveries and ventures that we regularly organize. We always make sure that the events are organized in an orderly manner – we only having fun in a cultural way. On the events we organize, we always try to deliver as many attractions as possible, from free snacks to many attractions for children — from facial painting to giant soap bubbles, magic shows, to artistic performances. Our events are an excellent place where less well-known artists can promote themselves, especially if they live in the UK – among us. You can follow the reports from our events on our blog. We cordially invite you to read it.



The Polish Klan Association is a place that supports local businesses. Our events are an excellent place to present your products or services, and place where you can meet new customers, talk to them in a loose atmosphere, and thus open the way to fruitful cooperation. Our partners can be more closely acquainted by visiting the partners’ tab, which will provide you with a detailed understanding of each of them. Thank you for being so many of you and doing well with us. Your presence on our events is not only a cause for pride, it strengthens our community. Without you, our development would not be so fast – we have done more together! In our events, not only local companies will be promoted, it is a great promotion for young artists as well.


It was here that many friendships began, certainly not one would begin. Where can you meet a better friend than in a place where people, out of goodness of heart, selflessly want to help? Visit us for a few events, maybe you will like the climate of our community, maybe you will meet your future wife here, maybe your best friend. And if you want to help us, we invite you to join us. We already know what pleasure you can derive from helping others – do you want to find out? – Join us. We invite you to join us.


With us you will not only not forget the Polish language, but you will also learn a lot. Polish Klan Association regularly organizes workshops in various fields, which can be attended by everyone. Our workshops are primarily fun and a lot of professional knowledge passed on by professionals. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with short reports from the workshops that have already taken place. More information about the workshops can be found on our blog.