Self-defence course for ladies only! New Time – Safe Me!

The course will start on the 17th of September over the course of 6 Fridays in the hours of 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm @ Hounslow Youth Centre, Kingsley Rd, TW3 1QA.

This is a unique opportunity for women of any age and fitness ability.

This course will be led by the instructors of Ultimate Krav Maga, what we will cover:

– Safety procedures (how to avoid danger, how to use your voice and how to not act like the victim)

– Basic knowledge of criminal law (when does self-defence end and you become the attacker)

– How minimalise effects of attack (posture, practice of punches/kicks and blocks and controlled fall)

– Defence against grabs (hair/clothes/different body parts) and chokes

– How to use common objects defence mechanism.

Limited spaces – registration payment of £10 guarantees you a space.

Please donate to:

Polish Association „Klan”

Account number: 32758126

Sort code: 23-05-80

Also, please fill in the online registration form:

Project funded by London Borough of Hounslow as part of Thriving Communities: Hounslow Response Fund 2020/2021